Fully Assembled or Barebone?


Fully CNC Aluminum Case & Brass Weight

Makes the overall weight and rigidity greater and more textured.

*Black with anodized, Creamy White with electrophoretic

Gateron Baby Raccoon Linear Switch

Enjoy-PBT Double-Shot PBT WOB Keycaps (*Designed by ALOHAKB)

Bring you a Smooth typing experience.

Designed for Your Comfort

QMK/VIAL Support

LuminKey75 allows you to custom the keys based on your habits and preferences.


No matter what system, LuminKey75 will always support you!

Programmable Roller

The function of the factory setting is volume adjustment. It is able to settle to page scrolling, brightness adjustment etc...
(Set through VIAL.)


Hot-swappable Createkeebs LuminKey75 allows you to easily swap out the switches without any soldering required. You can change or combine different switches at will!

Gasket Mount

The gasket mount will create a suspension-like effect that helps to reduce vibration and improve typing feel. When a key is pressed, the gasket compresses and provides a cushioning effect, resulting in a softer and more tactile typing experience.


·Size: 335*149*20mm 
·Input Angle: 7°
·Material: 6063 Aluminum Case, Brass Weight 

·Colors:ANO-Black, Creamy White

(*ANO-Black with anodized process, Creamy White with electrophoresis process.)

·Layout: 75% ANSI

·Roller Knob:  Black (Bundled with Creamy White keyboard), Dark grey (Bundled with ANO-Black keyboard)

·Mounting: PCB Gasket Mount
·PCB: 1.6mm Hot-swap (Wired)
·Plate: 1.5mm PC Plate
·Programming Support: QMK / VIAL
·Cable type: Type-C Data Cable
·Stabilizer: Gateron Stabilizers
·Switches: Gateron Baby Raccoon Linear Switches
·Keycap: Enjoy-PBT Double-shot PBT Keycaps

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