[IC]Ace 6.5 Update--65% Keyboard,Designed by Doofen

Hello everyone,this is Createkeebs.Glad to see you again!
The Ace 6.5 is based on playing cards and magic tricks. Designer Doofen had a love for magic and cards since he was young, he want to share that love with the keyboard community and maybe teach some tricks along the way.
Createkeebs update the proto Ace 6.5 and present a new look to you now.Let’s start the magic of the Ace 6.5.

General infomation:
Keyboard Kit color: E-White/E-Pink/E-Red/ANO-Blue/ANO-Black
Case:6063 Alu
Typing Angle:7°
Weight: Stainless steel chroma mirror PVD/Brass matte weight
Inner weight:Alu inner weight(Bundled with case color)
Badge: Stainless steel chroma mirror PVD/Brass matte badge
Mounting: full plate gasket mount/half plate gasket mount
PCB: 1.6mm soldered/hotswap
Plate: Full plate:Alu/pom material
            Half plate:Carbon fiber material

Ace 6.5 keyboard content
1*Alu top case
1*Alu bottom case
1*Inner Weight(Bundled with case color)
1*Stainless steel chroma mirror pvd weight/brass matte weight(more options?)
1*1.6mm PCB(black core)
2*Type-c daughter board
1*1.5mm Plate(pom/alu/carbon fiber)
1*2mm poron hotswap PCB foam
1*3.5mm poron plate foam
1*0.5mm IXPE sheet
1*1mm+1*2mm poron case foam
1 set*2mm Poron Gasket
1 set of bumpons(rubber feet)
1 set of Screws and screwdriver
1*Carrying case
1* Ace playing cards

Estimate GB time: Q1 2023
Quantity : 500pcs
Price:From $300
Delivery time:4-6 month after GB ends

At last.Thank you to everyone who helped us!!

IC FORM:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSejc7flJVK-ppN0_yXZM9lN9ytoVKHvbnP5TZXpL0mjCIUErw/viewform