What is the top/gasket mount mechanical keyboard?

Not only the choice of switches will affect the typing feel, but the mounting type of the mechanical keyboard will also bring you a different typing experience.
The top mount and gasket mount is the styles of a mechanical keyboard referring to how the plate / PCB are settled in the keyboard case. These two mounting types are the most popular and most used in today's mechanical keyboard market.

Gasket mount:
The Gasket mount allows the liner and the shell to be linked only by the connection points around them. It has a certain degree of cushioning in the vertical direction, and it will float up and down slightly with the tap, bringing you a softer and flexible typing experience.

Top mount:
It is fix the PCB and plate on the upper case, compared with the gasket mount. The top mount will bring you a stiffer typing experience, and the typing feeling and sound will be relatively consistent, The gasket mount is usually flexible and soft in the middle, but is stiffer on the edges.
Finally, These mounting types are not superior or inferior, as long as you like, it is the best!

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