Quality disclosure

Createkeebs quality disclosure is for our consumers to understand in advance any potential imperfections the product may have. Although we every effort to minimize errors through sampling and prototyping, it is not always possible to eliminate all issues during production. We decided to bring these errors to light instead of surprising our consumers with unanticipated defects when after receive the product.


A standard a-stock kit should meet the following conditions:

-no scratches, bumps or scuffs on the case top, sides, or bottom.

-no defects are visible when fully assembled

-no dysfunction when being used


-may be few hook marks caused during the anodizing bath inside (vertical) faces of the case top

-may be minor machining/tooling marks on internal faces.

-may be scratches, scuffs, pitting, or anodization blemishes on case internals.

-may be defects in tools, such as a bruised screwdriver.


Despite that a flawless product would have no defects on all faces of a kit, the fact is that the internal faces are less important in terms of aesthetics and being handles with less care so that we can push the quality of the exterior faces to higher levels.


While we strictly follow these rules to offer the best buyer experience, it is easy to overlook a small detail like the ones above. If you have any concerns about the quality after you receive our product please contact us immediately via email at (insert email address). We will make every effort to make it right!


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