About Createkeebs

Let's tell you the story about us!
We are from Huizhou China, and Createkeebs was founded on November 1, 2020.

Initially, we were just a trading company, working diligently in the office with the low-quality keyboards that came with our computers. Such a boring desktop has been with us for a long time, day after day. We began to try out different equipment to improve our working experience. Included mechanical keyboards.

Then, we learned that mechanical keyboards could be customized. We became obsessed with researching different switches, keycaps, and the differences between plates made from different materials. We even began to dream of designing and producing our own mechanical keyboards...
and then is what you see now, we organized a professional mechanical design team to incorporate our ideas into the keyboards, we also designed some keycaps and switches. It was a very interesting process.

We have released some mechanical keyboards: Glacier80, Thera75, Hi-Finger7.5, VAST60, Venice Rialto-Tented Ergo, High65.

A part of works that we used to design:

Thera75 v1

Glacier 80

Thera75 v2

We have also been producing our keyboards with high standards.

As big as whether the function of the keyboard is stable, as small as whether the badge is delicate enough.

To ensure the quality of our keyboards, we inspected countless factories to find reliable and high-standard partners for cooperation. We only choose manufacturers with excellent production techniques and stable quality as our suppliers.

We choose to cooperate with top suppliers, choose the famous brand of switches——GATERON, and let the top keycap supplier in the industry——Enjoy-PBT, become our partner.

Each of our products has repeatedly screened raw materials, compared samples, proofed, inspect details, etc.

We hope everyone who gets our keyboard, will be pleased with the quality and the details.

We are honored that our keyboards are loved by many keyboard enthusiasts, and we have received a lot of recognition. Now our Discord community has grown into a large family with thousands of members.

We optimize our supply chain in our best in order to ensure the quality and output of products to the greatest extent. We are now shifting from group buying to inventory sales. It is to enable the enthusiasts who love our keyboard to receive the keyboard faster, and also for providing a better service.

If you're a user, we hope you will be happy that get a nice product from us.
If you're a vendor, we hope you can sell our products with confidence, without worrying about poor quality.
If you're an influencer, we hope our products will be helpful for your creative.

Createkeebs was created out of love, with a passion to bring the interesting and quality mechanical keyboards to the world.


Createkeebs Team