Holiday time by the Aegean Sea - Thera V2

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 First, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all who have been supporting us with high expectations in the past year. At this point of time, we’re here bringing you--Thera V2. 

Kit Introduction:

If Thera-V1 shows the night scenery of this Aegean Sea Island through the image of the auditorium with star badge and stainless-steel weight; then in Thera V2, we will set this island as the starting point to start our summer journey to the Aegean Sea.

On the back of Thera V2, we still choose the dome auditorium: the iconic building on Thera, as the weight. The difference is that we make the weight a silhouette of the auditorium this time, making this design element bridges two generations, and emphasizing the starting point of this journey.


Let’s start with the obvious, on the front badge, we bring the biggest difference, it’s square now, it can also be an optional rotary knob (DIY). We provide three standard badges to choose from, corresponding to the six colorways, as well as two additional badges and a knob for extra.


 Greece badge (matching white and silver): Your starting point of the journey, Santorini, on the Thera Island in Greece.

Rudder badge (matching gray and starlight black): The steering wheel that determines the direction of your travel.

Anchor badge(matching Navy and light blue): Keeps you safe in the port.

75 Badge (optional): assembled by three different parts, which represents the blue sea, the red weathervane, and grey rocks near the cliffs along your journey through the bayside.

Santorini (optional): The iconic buildings on the Thera Island

Rudder Knob (optional): Steering Wheel knob (Assembled by 11 small parts)

Internal Structure:


In addition to the hot-swap PCB option, we generally follow the design of the previous generation of Thera the keep the signature soft typing experience. As you can see, we will use a new PCB material to provide better strength and sound performance. We also replaced the gasket material with silicon for even better sound and easier installation. Another upgrade is that the Thera now support multi-mounting-system: PCB Gasket plateless or with plate and Top Mount.

Both Hotswap and Soldered PCB can be added with a volume knob but need to be purchased separately. 


we will provide PC plate (supports Gasket mount) and carbon fiber plate (Top mount). But we highly recommend you to try the plateless build, so much flex *chefkiss*

The plates will be in 2 different options: for plate mount stabilizers or PCB mount stabilizers.

 Too less options?

We are glad to announce the collab with ( to bring you more variety on the plates directly at the start of the GB! Our friend will provide 2-3 more options on the material, join his discord ( to get more details on that!



GB color options




 Grey 430c

 Light blue 2707U:

Navy 295C

Starlight Black 


  • Stainless steel black matte PVD
  • Stainless steelSilver mirror PVD
  • Stainless steelBlack mirror PVD
  • Stainless steelChroma PVD
  • Stainless steelchroma mirror PVD

 Artisan keycaps:

Theme Keycaps:

We also prepared some sets of Thera theme keycaps for you to choose from, from retro warm white and gray color scheme with some themed keycaps with Greek letters.

General information:

  1. Keyboard Kit color:
  • Off-White
  • Grey 430C
  • Navy295C
  • Light blue 2707U
  • Silver
  • Starlight Black(infused with gold particles)
  1. Case:6063 Alu
  2. Weight(optional):
  • Stainless steel black matte PVD
  • Stainless steelsilver mirror PVD
  • Stainless steelblack mirror PVD
  • Stainless steelchroma PVD
  • Stainless steelchroma mirror PVD
  1. Badge &Knob:

Greece/Navy anchor/Light blue anchor/Grey rudder/Black rudder/

Santorini badge/75 badge/Rudder knob

  1. Mounting: Top Mount/PCBGasket Mount (Plateless supported)
  2. PCB: 1.6mm Soldered0,Hotswap, Bluetooth hotswap
  3. Platematerial:
  • 5mm PC plate supports PCB gasket mount
  • 5mm CarbonFiber plate supports top mount
  1. Matching Theme Keycaps:Three colorways
  2. Artisan keycaps:Will update more amazing artisan designs. Please pay attention to our discord or website.

Keyboard kit Content:

  • 1*Top case
  • 1*Bottom case
  • 1*weight(can be freely chosed)
  • 1*badge(bundled with case colors)
  • 1*PCB(wired hotswap / wired soldered / Bluetooth hotswap)
  • 1*5mmPlate(PC / Carbon Fiber)
  • 1 set of Foam kit:

          1*1mm + 1*2mm bottom case poron foam

         1*3.5mm switch poron foam

        1*2mm hot-swap poron foam

        1*5mm switch poron foam (recommended for plateless building)

        2*3mm battery cavity foam

        1*0.5mm IXPE poron foam

  • 1 set of Silicone gasketsocks
  • 1 set of Screws and drivers

Explosive view:



  • Raffle for limited instock quantities:
    • 1-2 weeks before the GB
    • lasts24h
    • fulfillment within 4 weeks after raffle concludes
    • entry via google form and picked randomly, winner gets Email with one-time use voucher for our store to reduce the price to normal.
    • More details will be announced on our discord soon!
  • GB unlimited:
    • End October
    • lasts 1 months
    • fulfillment 5-6 months depending on the final total quantity.


  • Raffle very limited: 50 -100pcs (only Grey, Navy, off-white)
  • GB Unlimited(all 6 colors)

 Sales Information


  • Standard kit:$270~$305 (depending on the weight option)
  • BluetoothVersion kit: $305$~$335 (depending on the weight option)

 Regional Vendors: will be announced soon! (US, CA, EU, SEA, KR, JP, ID/MY, VIET, THA, PH, AUS, and few more)

 Additional Extras and price:

  • PCB:$30 wired solder & hotswap, $65 Bluetooth hotswap
  • Plate:$25(pc/Carbon Fiber)
  • Black matte Weight/Chroma weight:$30
  • Mirror weight:$65
  • Foam kit:$15 
  • Keycaps: $50
  • Greece badge:$20
  • Anchor badge:$20
  • Rudder badge:$20
  • Santorini badge:$20
  • 75 badge:$40
  • Rudder knob:$45

 Real item photo: