Createkeebs Glacier80: a TKL keyboard with F13 and Nickel alloy weight

The Project is Work in Progress, all information on this page are subject to change, if any update we will announce it in our Discord server and change them on this site later.

Hello everyone, we are Createkeebs and this is our 3rd board that we would like to share with you.

First of all, thank you very much for your support on the Thera75. 1200 units were sold out in 7 days, which was beyond our expectations and made us deeply feel everyone's enthusiasm.

1. Updates

December 7th, 2021: first Version online

December 12th, 2021: added first review videos


2. General

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During the design phase of Glacier80, we were thinking about what is the goal of the board. Is it a soft typing experience, balanced feels or a deeper sound?

In the end, we decided to make the Glacier80 to highlight the original sound of the switches, as clean as an iceberg conserved in its pristine state while also achieving a flexy typing experience.

And just like an Iceberg, there are a lot more to discover under the surface, and we are so excited thinking about what you guys would make out of this board!

We have also made a journey into new materials for the weight - Nickel alloy. Our inspiration was Mercedes-Benz's luxury brand: Maybach.

Maybach has always been synonymous with high-end and luxury cars, its beacon is the highlight of the whole series and also a symbol of nobility, and the material used is also Nickel alloy, rather than Alu or Brass.

What's special about Nickel alloys? The hardness of Nickel is HRC28. Simply speaking, it is harder than stainless steel. It is because of this hardness that we rarely see CNC-machined objects of this material in daily life, but there is a way to achieve this, through the integrated forming process of nickel electro-forming. The beacon on every Maybach are also made with this process.

3. Product Specs

Pristine like an iceberg: TKL keyboard with Nickel alloy weight

Dimension: 365.23mm x 136.01mm x 35.04mm (Length x Depth x Height at highest point at the back)


  • Top and Bottom case: 6063 Aluminum
  • Weight, accent piece and artisan keycap: Nickel alloy

Mount: PCB leaf spring-like gasket mount

Typing angle: 6.5°

Weight: 2.51kg full built

USB Type-C connection is centered and connected to separate daughter-board

Software: QMK, also support .json import VIA

Plateless or optional fixing plate for Hot-Swap users (POM/PC/Poron)



Options: WKL or WK


  • 2 separate PCBs for Alphas+Mods and TKL
  • 1.6mm thick

  • Soldered: Soldered version supports ISO and ANSI layout. It also come with support for step CAPS, left shift split(1.5U+1U), 6.25U or 7U spacebar, Tsangan WK or WKL, standard mods only with WK version.

    • Hot-swap: Hot-swap version only supports ANSI layout, mods are only Tsangan WK or WKL, spacebar only 7U.

      • Plate layout: top only support soldered PCB, bottom support both solder and Hot-swap)



      4. Prices & Sales Info

      About the GB

      The sales will only be held on our own website:

      Ok, first of all, we know some people are picky about the term "GB".

      To be very exact, the first quantity is not a Group-buy in a traditional way, because we already prepared some in-stock items. Call it however you want, for 200 lucky bastards the waiting time of the in-stock items is about 2-4 weeks (EPD) after the sale closes. You can still choose to wait for GB shipments.

      Date of the in-stock sales: Mid-January 2022 and will last 2 weeks or until sold out.

      In-stock items will ship about 2-4 weeks after the sale ends, the time frame coincidences with the Chinese new year this time and could be delayed slightly.

      Date of the GB: 1 week after the in-stock sale is finished/sold out and will last 1 month

      GB items will ship in 2 waves:

      • first wave about 3 months after GB closes
      • Second wave about 7 months after GB closes

      We will communicate the order number on our discord server, which shows what wave you are in after the GB.


      in-stock: FCFS 200pcs

      GB: limited to 800pcs

      The specific number of each color is to be determined, we will specify before sales start


      Keyboard kit: 400$


      • Hot-swap or Soldered PCB: 45$
      • Foam Kit: 15$
      • POM/PC/Foam Plate (support either soldered or Hot-swap version): 40$

      Inbox Content

      Board Kit:

      • The Glacier80 keyboard case (accent piece and weight ensembled)
      • Hot-swap fixing plate (POM)
      • 3.5mm Poron PCB foam (between PCB and optional fixing plate)
      • 0.5mm PE PCB foam (between PCB and switches)
      • Soldered or Hot-Swap PCB
      • Enough gasket foam (2mm)
      • 3mm PE case foam
      • 2mm PE PCB foam (between PCB and case)
      • 4x Bumpon
      • AIO3 daughter-board



      Paypal only


      Worldwide via DHL or FedEx depends on your region


      5. Reviews

      布甸仔啊 Budian's build video

      nearLucid type sound test

      Alex' build stream VOD