[IC] Venice Rialto-Tented ergo,new layout keyboard from Createkeebs

Hello, everyone 
This is Createkeebs.  Today we are here to introduce our new work --Venice Rialto-Tented ergo, which is inspired by the Rialto bridge in Venice.

Venice Rialto was actually drew at the time of the Thera 75 v1 ic from 2021 August. However,it delays a long time due to the difficulty of processing and other issues. But now, We bring it to you, we will not compromise for the quantity and difficulty, the design of the inner and so on. Just for the best keyboard for you!
(The following real item photos and renders are only based on the proto V1.0, proto v2.0 is processing now)

Let’s start with the layout firstly.
Tented ergo---sounds a bit complicated but it's not that hard to understand.
Simply speaking, the word “Tented” refers to the left and right sides of the keyboard like a tent, which is tilt down from the middle to the two sides, so as to achieve the purpose of more in line with the natural and comfortable placement of hands when typing.

About the top case:

It is inspired by the Rialto Bridge in Venice, the case of the Rialto is like to this bridge, with the overall ergonomic design of high in the middle and low on both sides. At the same time, in order to reduce the front height and be independent from the wrist rest, we have another slope ergo design on the front. So that the hands can naturally lean on the slope on both sides when typing. Of course, we add knobs and badge on the left side, to keep the case’s two sides as symmetrical as possible.

About the bottom case:

In order to ensure the space of the inner space is consistent, we also make a bottom case slope design which is parallel to the top case, to make the typing feel and sound as consistent as possible.

About the knob & badge:

We engraved the Gondola pattern on the front badge, the characteristic gondola on the Venice River, featuring the raised prow and stern ends.

About the weight:

On the back we used an arched pvd mirror stainless steel with brass weight. “Venice” is carved on bridge arch and Rialto Bridge is carved on the brass weight. At the same time, the brass weight will be transparent electrophoresed to avoid oxidation.

About the Color
Navy top case--Like the dark blue of the Venetian River
Champagne golden top case—Like the sun shine on the Rialto bridge.
Purple top case--like the pale purple of the sunset in the sky.
The bottom case-- Silver.

About the PCB:

1.6mm black core PCB, which is to ensure the fullness of the sound and strength of gasket mount pcb, and it is also more friendly to plateless options, so as not to cause the inner excessive soft to collapse. Separate flexcuts between rows can provide a certain deformation though.
Besides, we give up the Leaf-spring design, instead we decide to choose the traditional gasket way, to achieve the effect of soft and steadiness.

About the plate

Pc and Alu material plate will be optional. And we will add more options in future.


Keyboard Kit color: Navy, Champagne Gold, Purple
The horizontal grade:3°(Ergonomic design)
Case:6063 Alu
Weight: Stainless steel & brass
Badge: Silk screen printing badge
Knob:6063 Alu
PCB:1.6mm black core Soldered or Hotswap
Mounting: PCB Gasket Mount (Plateless supported)
Plate material: 1.5mm pc/alu plate

When GB?
Estimate time: middle December
Raffle Limited: 200pcs in total
Price: from $500
Delivery time:4-6 month after GB ends
This is Venice Railto-Tented Ergo proto V1, and proto v2 is processing in which we have changed some design. See you next time!!!
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