Createkeebs Thera75 v1- 75% Custom Built Mechanical Keyboard

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Materials: Aluminium & stainless steel (PVD coated steel/Ti as standard)

Colours: Anodised blue, E-white, E-black, and Polycarb for the main chassis
Mounting method: Plateless Gasketed pcb leaf spring
Case Screw-in style: Screwless
PCB:1.6mm 2layer black (non-hotswap) configurable with QMK/VIA
1x Board kit price $260 USD
1x Extra PCB price $30 USD
1x PVD Coated Stainless Steel Weight upgrade price $30 USD
1x extra standard Stainless Steel Weight price $80 USD    
1x extra PVD Coated Stainless Steel Weight price $110 USD
1x Ti Extra Badge price $40 USD
1x Extra foam Gaskets/Case/PCB price $12 USD (will include all three)
1x Shipping $55 USD

Board kit:
1x Board
1x PCB
1x M2 and M2.5 hex screws
1x Case foam
1x PE PCB foam
1x Plate-like Foam
1x Titanium Badge
1x Standard Stainless Steel Weight
1x Badge ring
1x Gaskets
1x rubber bumpons