Createkeebs Thera75 v2- 75% Custom Mechanical Keyboard (Navy)

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thera75 v2

Thera75 v2 will bring you the Refreshing & Cozy experience of Santorini.

- Design inspired by the Aegean Sea -

· Anodized 6063 Aluminum Case, Delicate and Shiny ·
· Design weights and badges inspired by the Aegean Sea ·
· Gasket Mount & Top Mount Available ·
· Hot-swappable & Soldered PCB Available ·
· Hot-Swap and Soldered PCB ·
Hot swapping allows you to replace the shaft body more conveniently and quickly!
If you are a senior player, then soldering PCB can meet your DIY needs!
· Top Mount · · Gasket Mount ·

Thera75 v2 is a custom-built mechanical keyboard that needs to be assembled by yourself.
The satellite switch, switches and keycap are NOT included in the package, Please read the following packing list carefully.
You can choose the switches and keycaps according to your preference.
Kindly refer to our custom-made PBT keycaps for Createkeebs Thera75 v2, and we have developed 3 types of switches for you to choose from.

 Thera75 v2 General infomation:

  • Keyboard Kit color:
    • Off-White(bundled with Greece badge)
    • Grey 430C(bundled with gray rudder badge)
    • Navy 295C(bundled with navy anchor badge)
    • Light blue(bundled with light blue anchor badge)
    • Silver (bundled with Greece badge)
    • Starlight black(bundled with black rudder badge)
  • Case material:6063 Alu
  • Grade:6.5°
  • Weight: Stainless steel black matte PVD/Silver mirror PVD/Black mirror PVD/Chroma PVD/Chroma mirror PVD    
  • Badge & Knob:
    • Greece/Navy anchor/Light blue anchor/Grey rudder/Black rudder/Santorini badge/75 badge/Rudder knob

  • Mounting: Top Mount/PCB Gasket Mount (Plateless supported)
  • PCB: 1.6mm Soldered/Hotswap
    • BLE hotswap
  • Plate material:
    • 1.5mm PC plate supports PCB gasket mount
    • 1.5mm Carbon Fibre plate supports top mount

Thera75 v2 kit box Content:

  • 1*Top case
  • 1*Bottom case
  • 1*Stainless steel weight
  • 1*bundled badge and fix parts
  • 1*PCB and 2*daughter board
  • 1*1.5mm Plate(PC/Carbon Fibre)
  • 1 set of Silicone gasket sockets
  • 1 set of Screws and tools
  • 1 set of Foam kit:     
1*1mm+ 1*2mm poron bottom case foam
1*3.5mm poron plate foam
1*2mm poron hot-swap pcb case foam
1*5mm poron plate foam (Recommended for plateless building)
2*3mm battery cavity foam
1*0.5mm PE foam